Microsoft ends security updates for Windows XP OS!

With about 2 months until Microsoft ends Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP some companies are questioning "Why?". Companies that have stuck with the Windows XP OS are now left with the question of what will they do? In August of 2013 Microsoft announced they would continue to make new XP security patches for companies enrolled in expensive license programs for the cost of about 200 dollars per computer a year. The expensive new Microsoft Security Essentials subscription is run under a program called Custom Support and will increase in cost for each computer every succeeding year. Microsoft's Custom Support will make security fixes labeled critical by Microsoft. Granted having an older version of Microsoft OS without the security updates isn't recommended, it is better than running nothing at all. Microsoft should reconsider it's decision and offer a less expensive subscription for Microsoft Security Essentials updates for XP. Microsoft has made multiple billions of dollars on XP and should recognize that loyal customers shouldn't have the rug pulled out from under them if they aren't willing to dish out 200 dollars a year per computer. Keeping Windows XP customers happy, especially after Windows Vista caused so many customers to stick with or purchase Windows XP a supposedly outdated OS would be a great move to keep existing and potential customers happy! Why not offer the average XP user with an update that is already available at a more reasonable price tag?