Drum roll, please!....

Introducing our new service - Zypes VoIP Business Phone Systems!

Every business that we work with uses phones.  Desk phones, cell phones, conference lines, fax lines, voicemail storage, and any combination or overlapping of these, and other, mediums.

We've noticed, over and over, that the service providers' bids and billing of these phone systems to be set up and maintained seems to be increasing so far beyond what we consider to be reasonable or fair value to the consumer.

So, we have created our own solution.

It has been tested and implemented, proven successful, and is now ready to be offered to you.

Our engineers have been scouring through the information from other phone vendors, but also potential partners, to provide the most reliable and cost effective services to our clients.

We have come up with a model that is often half the dollar amount of what our competitors have proposed for installation and monthly fees, and we have heard nothing but praises from end users on the ease of use and reliability of the Zypes VoIP Business Phone System.

If your organization is looking to decrease monthly phone spending then give us a call for a free consultation.

425.212.2244, or email at support@zypes.com.