eBay Hack

Early Wednesday, eBay announced in a press release it had been hacked. eBay is asking users to change their passwords immediately. Hackers obtained unauthorized access to a database that allowed them to view customers' security credentials. Customers' names, addresses, birth dates, and encrypted password information were all compromised. On a positive note, users' credit card numbers are held in a separate, unhacked database and eBay said there has been no sign of fraudulent activity resulting from the hack.

The attack happened between late February and early March of 2014, but eBay only discovered the breach 2 weeks ago. The company is planning on emailing customers about the hack and recommended changing not only the password for users' eBay accounts but for any website they use sharing the same password. Thankfully, the passwords were encrypted using a method called hashing, making them extremely difficult to decode. eBay is still asking all users to change their passwords to be safe.

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