Internet Explorer Bug Leaves Many Vulnerable!

The United States and United Kingdom governments advised on Monday computer users to think about using a different browser until Microsoft Corp fixes a security weakness, which hackers have used to fire attacks. The IE bug was announced over this past weekend and is the first high profile risk to come to light since Microsoft discontinued security updates for Windows XP earlier in April. Anything using Windows XP will be unprotected! Experts in security have been warning XP users about the absence of security that will be coming and suggest upgrading to windows 7 or 8 before the security updates have stopped. The hazard discovered over the weekend could be the wake-up call that pushes roughly 20% of PC users using XP to get rid of their old system. This will cause a surge in new system purchases and may help stimulate the economy this year. If you are still using XP be sure to switch or beware of the consequences of an unprotected system!